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Ballyowen Celtic Kit

Ballyowen Celtic Kit

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Children in soccer are entitled to: 

  • Be safe;
  • Participate in football on an equal basis; appropriate to their ability and stage of development;
  • Be happy, have fun and enjoy football;
  • Be afforded appropriate confidentially and;
  • Be listened to and to be believed.

In this respect, children should also be encouraged to realise that they also have a responsibility to treat other children, referees, fellow players, managers, coaches and volunteers with the same degree of fairness and respect that is afforded to them.

Children should undertake not to:

  • Cheat;
  • Use abusive language or argue with managers, coaches, referees, officials, teammates or opponents;
  • Use violence (physical contact may only we used within the rules of the game);
  • Disrespect their managers/coaches instructions; and
  • Disrespect the clubs equipment and gear (if any player causes any damage or losses their gear, they will incur the cost of replacing same)

Parents/Guardians should:

  • Find out what their child/children want from football;
  • Help them set realistic targets;
  • Encourage but not force them to be active;
  • Attend training and games;
  • Teach their child to respect referees, managers, coaches, officials and spectators regardless of their race, creed, religion, colour, sex or ability;
  • Give the manager/coach help when asked;
  • Support the manager/coach decisions;
  • Inform the manager/coach by either a call or text if their child is unavailable for training/match. All parents are requested to attend matches (home and away)and training, as it is unfair to leave the responsibility of their child to other parents.
  • Make sure their child has the appropriate equipment/clothing/refreshments for training and matches.

Parents/Guardians should not:

  • Ignore or dismiss any complaints or concerns expressed by a child which relate to his/her involvement in soccer;
  • Treat the team as a child minding service;
  • Insults players or club personnel;
  • Argue with or shout abuse at officials;
  • Behave with physical or verbal aggression towards another person;
  • Enter the field of play at any time during a match or training. If they do, they will be liable to pay any fine that the club incurs.

If any parent has any queries or complaints, they are requested to contact their child’s manager/coach or a committee member.