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Ballyowen Celtic Kit

Ballyowen Celtic Kit

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    1. Players who wish to join Ballyowen Celtic Football Club must pay a registration fee, any child who are not registered or have not paid their fee will not play as they are not covered on the club insurance or with the South Dublin Football League.
    2. Players registered with the club must pay weekly subs (per match) this covers the following:
  • Payment of the league referees
  • Replacement and upgrade of equipment
  • General running costs of the club

    1. All children whilst playing for Ballyowen Celtic Football Club must adhere to the following club rules:


  • They will listen to and respect their team managers/coaches instructions in relation to all football matters.
  •  Any problems/issues arising at football matches must be brought to the club committees attention as quickly and as reasonably as possible.
  • Any child who wishes to registar with Ballyowen Celtic Football Club and suffers with any illness that requires medication, the club must be informed prior to the child been registared as in a case of emergency we need to have this information. All information received is held in the strictest confidence.
  • They will not act in a manor while on club duty which could tarnish the name of Ballyowen Celtic Football Club.
  • There will be no bullying tolarated within the club, if this is found to be the case they will be asked to leave ballyown celtic football club.
  • There will be no comments made about creed, religon or anyother thing that could make a child feel isolated in the club.
  • They will respect the club equipment that is football gear and know that at all times jerseys socks and shorts footballs and training equipment are the propety of Ballyowen Celtic Football Club and must be returned at the end of each season or if the child leaves during the football season the football kits must be returned in total. Anyone failing to return football kits will be fined the price of the item they fail to return.
  • All childern who register with Ballyowen Celtic Football Club must pay all the fees nessceray to play football; that is subs and registration any child who does not may be asked to leave the club.

    1. All parents are welcome and encourged to attend matches and events held by Ballyowen Celtic Football Club. We would ask that all parents respect that club managers/coaches are in charge of football matters on match days and that parents may not enter the field of play at anytime during a match or interfer with the managers/coaches decision relating to the match being played. If they do so any fines incurred by the club, the parent will liable for.
    2. If a parent wishes to make a complaint on any issue relating to their child or football matters they may do so by attending the club commitees meeting held on the first tuesday of every month.

  1. These are the clubs rules and registration guidelines and any parent wishing to register their child with Ballyowen Celtic Football Club must explain these rules to their child and adhere to the rules and guidelines above.
  2. These rules are subject to changes from time to time and any rule changes will be notified to both the parents and kids.

Please note that in the event of an injury occurring to member whilst training or playing must be reported to their manager/coach or club committee member within 24 hours of the injury occurring. Ballyowen Celtic Football Club reserve the right to contest any injuries not reported within this timeframe.

Yours in football,

Ballyowen Celtic Football Club Committee